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CorDEX Intrinsically Safe Digital Cameras,
Thermal Imagers and Test Instruments

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CorDEX is the global authority on the development of intrinsically safe thermal imagers, digital cameras and other inspection instruments. CorDEX instruments are rugged, accurate tools for maintenance and measurement in hazardous areas where safety is paramount, such as the mining, drilling, & pipeline applications. Engineers, technicians and maintenance managers can be confident that each certified CorDEX device will perform accurately and safely. Transcat offers the brand’s digital and infrared cameras, IR windows, ultrasonic gauges, and other products for precise inspection and measurement.

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CordDEX Intrinsically Safe Digital Camera

CorDEX ToughPIX TridentProfessional inspectors can also take the ToughPIX II Digital Camera into hazardous environments confidently. The CorDEX Toughpix II TP2410XP Trident Edition of this explosion-proof camera captures quality digital images and comes with an ATEX certification. It’s the perfect partner in low light thanks to an intense LED flash. The TP2410 camera delivers optical zoom, digital zoom, close-up, high definition video, and recording capabilities.

CordDEX Intrinsically Safe Thermal Imager

CorDEX TC7000Heat and problems are detected faster with the TC7000 Intrinsically Safe Thermal Imaging Cameras. Identify critical issues efficiently with the TC Series of intrinsically safe and virtually indestructible cameras. It’s a certified infrared camera and a rugged, high accuracy tool. You’ll be able to capture high quality images, even in extreme conditions. Highlights of the 7000 IR camera include:

  • IP54 Ingress Protection
  • High speed, articulating lens
  • Onboard RFID tag reader

CorDEX Infrared Windows for IS Inspection

CorDEX IW SeriesElevate electrical inspection and maintenance to a higher standard with the IW Series of SMART infrared Windows from CorDEX. Use an IW model with any thermal imager to ensure safety and accuracy. The designs reduce inspection time and feature:

  • Industrial materials that withstand electrical arcs
  • UL-certification that coincides with IR window standards
  • Installations that contribute to NFPA70E safety compliance
  • IR Window identification using RFID, barcodes, or serial numbering

Models, such as the IW3000, have a crystal lens that is well-protected for indoor and outdoor use. The 3000 can be utilized during low, medium and high voltage applications. It is certified to UL50, UL50V, and UL1558.

CorDEX Intrinsically Safe Portable Floodlight

CorDEX FL4725Designed for a wide range of industries that operate in dark hazardous areas, CorDEX's GENESIS FL4725 intrinsically safe work light ensures you'll always have a reliable light source no matter the environment. The FL475 is powered by five super-bright LED lights and produces around 400 lumens of light intensity. The light is portable, and is certified by both ATEX and IECEx for use in hazardous zones.

CorDEX Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

CorDEX UT5000If you need an ultrasonic tester for demanding environments, the UT5000 offers reliable technology in a rugged design. The non-invasive thickness gauge is intrinsically safe and features CorDEX CONNECT™ for the organization of measurement location data. The UT5000 gauge performs in hazardous areas, as it measures metal thickness during Non-Destructive Testing and Predictive Maintenance. Engineers can gauge pipeline and fixed equipment thicknesses, identify thinning, and achieve accuracy in uneven surface measurement. Engineers can utilize the UT5000 gauge to identify problems in explosive environments. Its applications range from storage tanks to dust conveyors. 5000 functionality delivers: 

  • Thickness measurements on painted surfaces
  • Menu selection of material velocity
  • 1,000-reading memory storage
  • Built-in data recording

For more information on superior CorDEX technology, contact our Transcat experts at 800.828.1470 or start a Live Chat now.

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    ToughPIX II Trident

    Order #: TP2410XP-TRIDENT

    Mfg #: TP2410XP

    In stock

    $2,895.00 USD

    $2,750.25 USD

  2. CorDEX TC7000

    Instrinsically Safe Thermal Imager 9hz

    Order #: TC7000

    Mfg #: TC7000

    In stock

    $8,495.00 USD

    $8,070.25 USD

  3. CorDEX TC7150

    Intrinsically Safe Thermal Imaging Camera -20C to +600C

    Order #: TC7150

    Mfg #: TC7150

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $8,495.00 USD

    $8,070.25 USD

  4. CorDEX CDX2400-011

    ToughPIX II Rechargeable Battery Twin Pack

    Order #: CDX2400-011-TRIDENT

    Mfg #: CDX2400-011

    In stock

    $275.00 USD

    $261.25 USD

  5. CorDEX UT5000

    Ultrsonic Tester,IS,-10 to +50C Tested for Zone 1 IIC T4

    Order #: UT5000

    Mfg #: UT5000

    In stock

    $2,995.00 USD

    $2,845.25 USD

  6. CorDEX CDX2341-008

    XP Battery Pack

    Order #: CDX2341-008

    Mfg #: CDX2341-008

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    $413.00 USD

    $392.35 USD

  7. CorDEX TP2410XP for Rent

    ToughPIXII Intrinsically Safe Camera FLV $2895

    Order #: TP2410XP-RENT1

    Mfg #: $28950XP-RENT1

    In stock

    Call for Price

  8. CorDEX FL2203

    GENESIS IS Flashlight w/2x AAA Batteries

    Order #: FL2203

    Mfg #: FL2203

    In stock

    $34.99 USD

    $33.24 USD

  9. CorDEX FL2230

    IS Flashlight-Triple Pack

    Order #: FL2230

    Mfg #: FL2230

    In stock

    $106.99 USD

    $101.64 USD

  10. CorDEX FL4725

    Intrinsically Safe Portable Floodlight

    Order #: FL4725

    Mfg #: FL4725

    In stock

    $779.00 USD

    $740.05 USD

  11. CorDEX MN4000

    Panel Mounted Thermal Imager

    Order #: MN4000

    Mfg #: MN4000

    In stock

    $650.00 USD

    $617.50 USD

  12. CorDEX MN4100

    Thermal Imager for Continuous Monitoring

    Order #: MN4100

    Mfg #: MN4100

    In stock

    $650.00 USD

    $617.50 USD

  13. CorDEX FL2210

    GENESIS IS Flashlight w/1x AAA Battery

    Order #: FL2210

    Mfg #: FL2210

    In stock

    $39.99 USD

    $37.99 USD

  14. CorDEX CDX2341-130

    XP Series Power Supply

    Order #: CDX2341-130

    Mfg #: CDX2341-130

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $200.00 USD

    $190.00 USD

  15. CorDEX TP2304XP-8GB for Rent

    ToughPIX Digital Camera, 8GB (CSA above ground) FLV $2830

    Order #: TP2304XP-8GB-RENT1

    Mfg #: TP2304XP-8GB-RENT1

    In stock

    Call for Price

  16. CorDEX XP-326-120

    XP Series Replacement Fuse Kit (Contains fuse CDX2341-120)

    Order #: XP-326

    Mfg #: XP-326-120

    In stock

    $60.00 USD

    $57.00 USD

  17. CorDEX IW3000

    3"(75mm)IR Window

    Order #: IW3000

    Mfg #: IW3000

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $239.00 USD

    $227.05 USD

  18. CorDEX IW4000

    4"(100mm)IR Window

    Order #: IW4000

    Mfg #: IW4000

    In stock

    $399.00 USD

    $379.05 USD

  19. CorDEX TC-730

    Battery for the TC7000

    Order #: TC-730

    Mfg #: TC-730

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $399.00 USD

    $379.05 USD

  20. CorDEX XP-SERV1

    Service Level One

    Order #: XP-SERV1

    Mfg #: XP-SERV1

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $480.00 USD

    $456.00 USD

  21. CorDEX XP-SERV2

    Service Level Two

    Order #: XP-SERV2

    Mfg #: XP-SERV2

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $610.00 USD

    $579.50 USD

  22. CorDEX XP-322

    XP USB Comms.Wand

    Order #: XP-322

    Mfg #: XP-322

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $125.00 USD

    $118.75 USD

  23. CorDEX XP-323

    XP Charge Station

    Order #: XP-323

    Mfg #: XP-323

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $375.00 USD

    $356.25 USD

  24. CorDEX XP-324

    Accessory Kit-includes XP-325, XP-326,CDX2341-166 & XP0233

    Order #: XP-324

    Mfg #: XP-324

    Product is currently not available

    Call for Price

  25. CorDEX XP-325

    XP Battery Fixing Kit

    Order #: XP-325

    Mfg #: XP-325

    Ships in 2-3 weeks

    $45.00 USD

    $42.75 USD

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Items 1-25 of 48

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