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Ametek - Jofra STS050A250DF

Temp Ref Sensor PT100 4mm diam Straight,Cable (3.3') NPL Cert.

Order #: STS050A250DF

Mfg Part #: STS050A250DF

$685.00 USD

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Ametek - Jofra STS050A500DF Ametek - Jofra STS050A500DF

PT100Ref.Sensor,-50to400C/58to 752F,Strght.,500mm,1mCble,NPL

Order #: STS050A500DF

$645.00 USD
Ametek - Jofra STS050A901DF Ametek - Jofra STS050A901DF

PT100Ref.Sensor,-50to400C/58to 752F,Angld.,207mm,1mCble,NPL

Order #: STS050A901DF

$645.00 USD
Ametek - Jofra STS050B500DF Ametek - Jofra STS050B500DF

PT100Ref.Sensor,-50to400C/58to 752F,Strght.,500mm,1mCbl,NPL

Order #: STS050B500DF

$645.00 USD
Ametek - Jofra STS050B901DF Ametek - Jofra STS050B901DF

PT100Ref.Sensor,-50to400C/58to 752F,Angld.,207mm,1mCbl,NPL

Order #: STS050B901DF

$645.00 USD
Ametek - Jofra STS050A350DF Ametek - Jofra STS050A350DF

PT100Ref.Sensor -50to400C/58 to 752F,Strght.,350mm,1m Cble,NPL

Order #: STS050A350DF

Ships in 3-4 weeks

$685.00 USD
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Ametek - Jofra STS050B250DF Ametek - Jofra STS050B250DF

Temperature Reference Sensor -50 to 400C / -58 to 752F

Order #: STS050B250DF

Ships in 3-4 weeks

$685.00 USD
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Ametek - Jofra STS050A500DH Ametek - Jofra STS050A500DH

PT100Ref.Sensor,-50to400C/58to 752F,Strght.,500mm,1mCble,DNAK

Order #: STS050A500DH

$775.00 USD
Ametek - Jofra STS050A901DH Ametek - Jofra STS050A901DH

PT100Ref.Sensor,-50to400C/58to 752F,Angld.,207mm,1mCble,DANAK

Order #: STS050A901DH

$775.00 USD
Ametek - Jofra STS050B500DH Ametek - Jofra STS050B500DH

PT100Ref.Sensor,-50to400C/58to 752F,Strght.,500mm,1mCbl,DANAK

Order #: STS050B500DH

$775.00 USD
Ametek - Jofra STS050B901DH Ametek - Jofra STS050B901DH

PT100Ref.Sensor,-50to400C/58to 752F,Angld.,207mm,1mCbl,DANAK

Order #: STS050B901DH

$775.00 USD

Overview :

Product Highlights

  • Reference standard probes
  • Wide temperature range
  • Configurations for most applications
  • Works with JOFRA calibrators
  • Specified low drift
  • Fast response
  • Extremely stable Pt100 elements
  • Quality construction for confidence in operation
  • Use for precise calibration and verification
  • Combine with a temperature source for accurate calibrations
  • Compare with other sensor readings
  • Use as your temperature standard

Each Unit Includes

  • JOFRA STS-050 A/B sensor with handle
  • 90° angled sensor, delivered in carton box
  • Straight sensors, delivered in carton box
  • Traceable calibration certificate,
  • 6 points from -45 to 400°C
  • Cable - according to order number
  • User manual

Accessories :