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Additel ADT160-02-GP5K-PSI-B

Digital Pressure Module 0-5000PSIG,1/4BSPM

Order #: ADT160-02-GP5K-PSI-B

Mfg Part #: ADT160-02-GP5K-PSI-B

$995.00 USD

This product is currently not available.

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Additel ADT160-10-AP100-PSI-N Additel ADT160-10-AP100-PSI-N

Digital Pressure Module 0-100 PSI 1/4NPTM

Order #: ADT160-10-AP100-PSI-N

$951.00 USD
Additel ADT160-10-AP15-PSI-N Additel ADT160-10-AP15-PSI-N

Digital Pressure Module 0-15PSI, 1/4"NPT M

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Additel ADT160-10-AP50-PSI-N Additel ADT160-10-AP50-PSI-N

Digital Pressure Module,0.1%FS 0-50PSI,Absolute,1/4NPT M

Order #: ADT160-10-AP50-PSI-N

$951.00 USD
Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-BAR-B Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-BAR-B

Digital Pressure Module 0-70bar,Gauge Pressure,1/4BSPM

Order #: ADT160-02-GP1K-BAR-B

$995.00 USD
Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-BAR-N Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-BAR-N

Digital Pressure Module 0-70bar,Gauge Pressure,1/4NPTM

Order #: ADT160-02-GP1K-BAR-N

$995.00 USD
Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-PSI-B Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-PSI-B

Digital Pressure Module 0-1000PSIG,1/4BSPM

Order #: ADT160-02-GP1K-PSI-B

$995.00 USD
Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-PSI-N Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-PSI-N

Digital Pressure Module 0-1000PSIG,1/4NPTM

Order #: ADT160-02-GP1K-PSI-N

$995.00 USD
Additel ADT160-02-GP100-BAR-B Additel ADT160-02-GP100-BAR-B

Digital Pressure Module 0-7 bar 1/4BSPM

Order #: ADT160-02-GP100-BAR-B

$995.00 USD
Additel ADT160-02-GP100-BAR-N Additel ADT160-02-GP100-BAR-N

Digital Pressure Module 0-7 bar 1/4NPTM

Order #: ADT160-02-GP100-BAR-N

$995.00 USD
Additel ADT160-02-GP100-PSI-B Additel ADT160-02-GP100-PSI-B

Digital Pressure Module 100PSIG,1/4SP M

Order #: ADT160-02-GP100-PSI-B

$995.00 USD

Overview :

Product Highlights

  • Gauge pressure measurement accuracy of 0.025% FS
  • Absolute Pressure measurement accuracy of 0.1% FS
  • Pressure ranges to 10,000 psi (700 bar)
  • Advanced temperature compensation
  • With advanced microprocessor technology and state-of-the-art silicon pressure sensors, the ADT 160 series Intelligent Digital Pressure Module (IDPM) provides an accurate, reliable, and economic solution for wide range of pressure applications. It is loaded with functionality and remarkably easy to use. In order to reach the best performance, every silicon pressure sensor in the module has been specially aged, tested and screened before assembly. The ADT160 IDPM is unmatched in performance and reliability.

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