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Additel ADT160-02-GP5-PSI-M

Digital Pressure Module to 5 psi, gauge Press, M20X1.5

Order #: ADT160-02-GP5-PSI-M

Mfg Part #: ADT160-02-GP5-PSI-M

$995.00 USD

This product is currently not available.

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Additel ADT160-10-AP100-PSI-N Additel ADT160-10-AP100-PSI-N

Digital Pressure Module 0-100 PSI 1/4NPTM

Order #: ADT160-10-AP100-PSI-N

$951.00 USD
Additel ADT160-10-AP15-PSI-N Additel ADT160-10-AP15-PSI-N

Digital Pressure Module 0-15PSI, 1/4"NPT M

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Additel ADT160-10-AP50-PSI-N Additel ADT160-10-AP50-PSI-N

Digital Pressure Module,0.1%FS 0-50PSI,Absolute,1/4NPT M

Order #: ADT160-10-AP50-PSI-N

$951.00 USD
Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-BAR-B Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-BAR-B

Digital Pressure Module 0-70bar,Gauge Pressure,1/4BSPM

Order #: ADT160-02-GP1K-BAR-B

$995.00 USD
Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-BAR-N Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-BAR-N

Digital Pressure Module 0-70bar,Gauge Pressure,1/4NPTM

Order #: ADT160-02-GP1K-BAR-N

$995.00 USD
Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-PSI-B Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-PSI-B

Digital Pressure Module 0-1000PSIG,1/4BSPM

Order #: ADT160-02-GP1K-PSI-B

$995.00 USD
Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-PSI-N Additel ADT160-02-GP1K-PSI-N

Digital Pressure Module 0-1000PSIG,1/4NPTM

Order #: ADT160-02-GP1K-PSI-N

$995.00 USD
Additel ADT160-02-GP100-BAR-B Additel ADT160-02-GP100-BAR-B

Digital Pressure Module 0-7 bar 1/4BSPM

Order #: ADT160-02-GP100-BAR-B

$995.00 USD
Additel ADT160-02-GP100-BAR-N Additel ADT160-02-GP100-BAR-N

Digital Pressure Module 0-7 bar 1/4NPTM

Order #: ADT160-02-GP100-BAR-N

$995.00 USD
Additel ADT160-02-GP100-PSI-B Additel ADT160-02-GP100-PSI-B

Digital Pressure Module 100PSIG,1/4SP M

Order #: ADT160-02-GP100-PSI-B

$995.00 USD

Overview :

Product Highlights

  • Additel ADT 160 Intelligent Digital Pressure Modules have advanced microprocessor technology and state-of-the-art silicon pressure sensors
  • Accurate, reliable, and economic solution for wide range of pressure applications
  • 0.025% FS accuracy (gauge pressure)
  • 0.1% FS accuracy (absolute pressure)
  • 10,000 PSI (700 BAR) pressure ranges
  • 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C) operating temp
  • Advanced temperature compensation

Accessories :